Thursday, September 25, 2014

High Energy

The organic platform provides a venue for the cells to perform their various and often unique functions.  Cells of this sort and, cells of that sort, divide the tasks necessary to maintain our existence.  Each cell in our body needs energy and heat in order to carryout their designed directions from this stuff called the genetic code.  Would you believe that it is the "cosmic thread" [electron] that provides this energy, passing itself along a series of steps to produce the energy necessary to maintain each cell.

"High energy bonds" they are called.  Giving themselves up to generate this energy, they pass to "a lower energy bond" which is then in need of oxygen.   The "lower energy bond" takes new electrons from the oxygen, producing another "high energy bond".  On and on it goes producing a continual source of energy for the cell.  It takes a whole host of nutrients to fuel these cells, but hey, an apple a day keeps the doctor away they say.

For those interested, this is known as "Stoichiometric Control".  The "high energy bonds" are housed in what is called "Adenosine triphosphate" = ATP.  The lower energy bonds are housed in what is called "Adenosine diphosphate" = ADP.    ATP to ADP and back again...a thread that binds.

Friday, September 5, 2014


All this basic stuff (oxygen, water, and nutrients) are needed to keep the organic platform in operating condition.  Good working order you might say.  Just imagine that there are a "gadzillion" little units called cells, all grouped together to form various functions, that ultimately give meaning and direction to this organic platform.  Hum...amazing how all this works together.

Now these cells are another common thread that binds us all together.  Beginning as two united threads (the egg and sperm which are past down from our folks) officially called "the zygote", the first cell divides into two...then into four...then into eight...then ultimately...into "gadzillions"!  Certainly a lot has to happen during this process before the completed organic platform is passed into their own sphere of existence, taking that first gasp of oxygen.  What a deal!  [As a physician, I have participated in over 800 of these first steps.]

These cells share certain items.  They all have a nucleus, housed in a "nuclear membrane".  This nucleus is surrounded by a pocket of fluid called "cytoplasm" which is held in a cell membrane.  The cytoplasm holds all kinds of equipment to help the cell function.  The nucleus contains the directions and operating instructions to all this equipment.  These operating instructions are called the "genetic code" which as been past down to us.  Wow...who figured all this out anyway?

At any rate, cells are organized in such a way to give us functional existence.  A thread that binds it is.