Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Mystery

Multiple systems operate in the organic platform to keep us going.  These systems maintain normal functions such as breathing, circulation, heart rate, temperature control, digestion, waste removal, and reproduction.  Reproduction functions to duplicate all the genetic code and pass it along to the next generation.  You know, when that sperm and ova unite forming that first union.  Dramatic transformations then follow involving cell division, cell growth, and cell diversification,  producing those designed systems which operate to keep us going. What a deal!  Can you imagine planning all this, and then getting it to work together.  A mystery indeed it is.  A mystery that binds us all together in this human existence...a common thread indeed.

Sunday, December 7, 2014


A conscious perception or apprehension of reality is another thread that binds us all to the environment that surrounds our organic platform.  These elements may be external, or internal (bodily), or mental (psychic) in origin, but they provide a means in which we all participate in these events.  On the most part these are outside our organic platform, but there may be internal sources such as reflexes, fears, emotions, and the like that past through our existence.  Occasionally, these may be clouded by sleep, faintness, and stupor which will provide an alternative experience for these perceptions.  An inward state or outward fact, coming to us in a variety of ways, are the threads that bind us all to this organic platform.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Common Sense(s)

Assuming normal function, the organic platform receives input from a variety of sources.  Specialized mechanisms of function they might be called.  They basically involve a stimulus and a sense organ which produces an awareness of the elements from the environment that surrounds us.  Let's see...there is smell, taste, sight, hearing, and touch.  All common threads that bind our continuing stream of  consciousness.  Four of these special mechanisms are located close to the central nervous system which brings input to the major control center of our existence.  On the other hand, touch involves a generalized mechanism of reception spread though out the organic platform providing such things as  pain and temperture readings.  These specialized receptors are distinct from other functions such as movement and thought.  Sensory signals they are called...these common threads...these common senses.

Friday, October 24, 2014


Assuming normal function within the organic platform, a sequence of physical and mental experiences make up the existence we call life.  A common thread indeed it is...this thing called life.   An organismic state characterized by the capacity for metabolism [all that ATP to ADP] , reaction to stimuli [our five senses], growth, and of course reproduction.  As genealogist, we often record it as the period of birth to death, and spend a great deal of effort tracing and recording these aspects of our own ancestors.

Simply put, life is our existence as we know it.  Existence is our reality as we experience it.  Existence is our conscious perception of our environment that surrounds us.  Sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch all provide input from this environment.  Input comes from a variety of external sources which affects the experience we know as life.  A specific phase of earthly existence that is certainly shared among us all as threads that bind. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

High Energy

The organic platform provides a venue for the cells to perform their various and often unique functions.  Cells of this sort and, cells of that sort, divide the tasks necessary to maintain our existence.  Each cell in our body needs energy and heat in order to carryout their designed directions from this stuff called the genetic code.  Would you believe that it is the "cosmic thread" [electron] that provides this energy, passing itself along a series of steps to produce the energy necessary to maintain each cell.

"High energy bonds" they are called.  Giving themselves up to generate this energy, they pass to "a lower energy bond" which is then in need of oxygen.   The "lower energy bond" takes new electrons from the oxygen, producing another "high energy bond".  On and on it goes producing a continual source of energy for the cell.  It takes a whole host of nutrients to fuel these cells, but hey, an apple a day keeps the doctor away they say.

For those interested, this is known as "Stoichiometric Control".  The "high energy bonds" are housed in what is called "Adenosine triphosphate" = ATP.  The lower energy bonds are housed in what is called "Adenosine diphosphate" = ADP.    ATP to ADP and back again...a thread that binds.

Friday, September 5, 2014


All this basic stuff (oxygen, water, and nutrients) are needed to keep the organic platform in operating condition.  Good working order you might say.  Just imagine that there are a "gadzillion" little units called cells, all grouped together to form various functions, that ultimately give meaning and direction to this organic platform.  Hum...amazing how all this works together.

Now these cells are another common thread that binds us all together.  Beginning as two united threads (the egg and sperm which are past down from our folks) officially called "the zygote", the first cell divides into two...then into four...then into eight...then ultimately...into "gadzillions"!  Certainly a lot has to happen during this process before the completed organic platform is passed into their own sphere of existence, taking that first gasp of oxygen.  What a deal!  [As a physician, I have participated in over 800 of these first steps.]

These cells share certain items.  They all have a nucleus, housed in a "nuclear membrane".  This nucleus is surrounded by a pocket of fluid called "cytoplasm" which is held in a cell membrane.  The cytoplasm holds all kinds of equipment to help the cell function.  The nucleus contains the directions and operating instructions to all this equipment.  These operating instructions are called the "genetic code" which as been past down to us.  Wow...who figured all this out anyway?

At any rate, cells are organized in such a way to give us functional existence.  A thread that binds it is.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Basic Stuff

From eternity past, our cosmic thread [the electron] affected a cascade of events that produced a whole lot of stuff.  All that negative environment generated a need for positive items [the proton] necessary to help stabilize and organize this cosmic thread into a useful structure [the atom].  This stuff needed more and more mass [the neutron] to build the multiple items [molecules] that formed the multiple elements [compounds] that produced the basic stuff of our very existence.

Now, all this basic stuff generated certain spheres of existence which came to be called "gases", "liquids", and "solids".  Out of the "gases" came oxygen...out of the "liquids" came water...and finally out the "solids" came nutrients.  Just think, if our organic platform is denied oxygen, it ceases to function after 5 minuets.  If our organic platform is denied water, it will cease to function after 5 to 7 days.  Lack of nutrients give our organic platform a little more time, shutting down things after some 30 to 40 days. 

Hum... 5 around one around one month...some basic stuff that we are share.  Common threads indeed they are.

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Cosmic Thread

Is there a particular item that binds all things together?  Is there an universal element that is present in everything in existence?   A cosmic thread it might be called.  Since this blog is titled "Threads That Bind", is there such a thread that can be identified?  Well...let me suggest the electron.

The "electron" [i lek~ tron ] Gr. elektron = amber. element that is present in all existence, the inorganic as well as the organic.  We all share the electron!

Now, the electron is a negative charged elementary particle that has a specific charge, mass, and spin.  Just imagine, that since the beginning of time, the electron has made us all partners in this existence.  My college physics book defines the electron with a rest mass of  "one", a negative charge e- , and a spin unit of 1/2 (Fermions).  Every item in existence has had at least one!

Well, here it is...the electron...The Cosmic Thread.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


For this first post, the title given is "Things".  You know those things that we can not live without.  Those things that are important to us as we go through our daily lives.  Of course, some things are known, and some things are unknown.  Often what we do with these things are dealt with by what we believe to be known.  The unknown things remain, but frequently escape the thoughts that even recognize their existence.  The thread that binds is that our existence is the experience of these things as we go about our daily lives.

Now recognizing and defining these things are up to each individual.  They may be a matter of concern within a specific or implied sphere.  Or, they may be a particular state of affairs.  They could be a deed, act, or accomplishment or even a product of work or activity.  Some may view things as a separate and distinct individual quality, fact, idea, or entity such as "blue eyes" or "red hair".  What about an inanimate object distinguished from a living being.  Or whatever may be possessed or owned or be the object of a right. [You know "my things".]  On and on it might go...a material or substance of a specified kind...a piece of news or information...a spatial entity...a spoken or written observation or point...something (as an activity) that makes a strong appeal to the individual.  Its the real things, you know that bind us together.

Hum... "thingness" = the quality or state of objective existence or reality.  "The Threads That Bind" are these things.

Monday, August 11, 2014


The title of this new blog is "Threads That Bind".  Now threads that bind are items that connect us together.  Threads are woven to bring us into close association or union.  The intent is to help give shared meaning.

It is the purpose of this blog to present various items (themes/topics/issues/subjects/elements/etc.,etc.) that represent at least one of the distinct parts of the whole.  Along the way,  not all readers may agree to some of the items, but they will certainly be open for discussion.  These items are intended to represent what we all share, and bring us together into some manner of union so as to be connected to one another.

Comments and reactions can be listed in the "comments" section following each post.  Hopefully, each post will present a single element.  Threads that bind are to link us together...a new blog indeed.