Tuesday, August 12, 2014


For this first post, the title given is "Things".  You know those things that we can not live without.  Those things that are important to us as we go through our daily lives.  Of course, some things are known, and some things are unknown.  Often what we do with these things are dealt with by what we believe to be known.  The unknown things remain, but frequently escape the thoughts that even recognize their existence.  The thread that binds is that our existence is the experience of these things as we go about our daily lives.

Now recognizing and defining these things are up to each individual.  They may be a matter of concern within a specific or implied sphere.  Or, they may be a particular state of affairs.  They could be a deed, act, or accomplishment or even a product of work or activity.  Some may view things as a separate and distinct individual quality, fact, idea, or entity such as "blue eyes" or "red hair".  What about an inanimate object distinguished from a living being.  Or whatever may be possessed or owned or be the object of a right. [You know "my things".]  On and on it might go...a material or substance of a specified kind...a piece of news or information...a spatial entity...a spoken or written observation or point...something (as an activity) that makes a strong appeal to the individual.  Its the real things, you know that bind us together.

Hum... "thingness" = the quality or state of objective existence or reality.  "The Threads That Bind" are these things.

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