Monday, August 18, 2014

The Cosmic Thread

Is there a particular item that binds all things together?  Is there an universal element that is present in everything in existence?   A cosmic thread it might be called.  Since this blog is titled "Threads That Bind", is there such a thread that can be identified?  Well...let me suggest the electron.

The "electron" [i lek~ tron ] Gr. elektron = amber. element that is present in all existence, the inorganic as well as the organic.  We all share the electron!

Now, the electron is a negative charged elementary particle that has a specific charge, mass, and spin.  Just imagine, that since the beginning of time, the electron has made us all partners in this existence.  My college physics book defines the electron with a rest mass of  "one", a negative charge e- , and a spin unit of 1/2 (Fermions).  Every item in existence has had at least one!

Well, here it is...the electron...The Cosmic Thread.

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